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We  currently serves more than 35 market research firms, providing clients with global Online sample from a panel of more than 5.5 million highly profiled respondents.


Data Collection


Our fieldwork capabilities are extensive, offering a wide array of services for both Qualitative and Quantitative market research projects.


On the Qualitative side, we offer best-in-class focus group facilities, with large, flexible viewing rooms. Our recruiting is conducted by both in-house recruiters and external contract recruiters. Our validation process is extensive and always conducted by internal ROM resources to ensure top quality. Our moderators are bilingual and able to converse with international clients while working with the target population in its native language.

The range of Qualitative studies ROM conducts include the following: Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews, Tele-Depth Interviews, Ethnographic (or in-home) interviews, On-line Bulletin Boards and On-line focus groups.



Quantitative Research: Our Quantitative data collection methodologies include ;


  • CATI Data collection
  • Online Data Collection
  • CAPI / PAPI Face to Face Data collection
  • Clinics and CLTs
  • Product Placements
  • Sensory Tests
  • Concept Tests
  • Product Testing
  • Store Audits



Qualitative Research:  Our Qualitative data collection methodologies include ;


  • Focus group discussions
  • F2F, One'o'Ones, Diads , Triad in-depth interviews
  • Telephonic in-depth interviews
  • Skype Interviews
  • Ethnography studies
  • Mobi-Track studies

Mystery Shopping:


In order to test product presentation or salesperson behavior in a Point of Sale or call center, increasing numbers of suppliers are contracting so-called mystery shoppers (or mystery callers).

These test shoppers act out a specific shopping process in order to test the argumentation and performance of the salesperson, the efficiency of customer service, specific POS structure and presentation (arrangement, cleanliness, use of advertising, etc.) and other factors. The testers adopt and maintain a previously-established role, and record the events on a protocol sheet provided.

As a result of this process, companies receive comparable assessments and starting points for training and improvements. We have all the methodical and staff requirements necessary for the execution of mystery calling and mystery shopping projects. On the one hand, our team is made up of highly-qualified specialists, who are dedicated to ensuring that even the most complex test calls and purchases are carried out in a believable, convincing manner. On the other hand, these experts are joined by a large number of testers for projects of average difficulty, which not only enables optimal regional dispersion (for instance, for visits to branches separated by considerable distances), but also excellent disguises (for example, when real addresses are required for postal delivery).



On the Quantitative side, ROM offers web-surveys from our Consumer Panel, B2B panel and Medical Panel. We conduct web-CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviews) and face-to-face interviews, through street interceptions (or mall intercepts), door-to-door interviews and pre-recruited interviews.

ROM Call Centre is based on an IP backbone and able to conduct CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews) studies in markets throughout the globe.



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